About Artem

Short biography:

  • Computer Science student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
  • IB Diploma graduate (bilingual diploma)
  • Polyglot (four languages): Russian, Swedish, English and German.
  • Swimming and biking.
  • Reading books (occasionally).


I am a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Computer Science. At this point, I have three main things I spend my time on. First, I study Calculus, Java + algorithms, Communication in engineering sciences and a course about the way I should study these three subjects. Secondly, I work on Mathos Project and Serial Key Manager. Thirdly, I keep supporting a computer programming society at my old school (KSDN) by helping out administrating it. In terms of sports, I do it every day. I bike everyday to school, which is approx 16 kilometers.

I am also reading books. At this point, I reading The Power of Habit and The Problems of Knowledge.

Since the time I have started with programming, I have been interested in licensing systems and numerical approximation methods.


Feel free to contact me whenever you have time! I will respond as quickly as possible!