Mathos Project This project consists of six components:

Project MathBook The idea behind this project is to construct a collection of interesting and useful topics in the form of a book. It’s currently hosted on GitHub (see here) and is written in TeX. The goals and current tasks can be found in the README.MD.

Software Protector This project consists of two main components:

  • Serial Key Generating Library(SKGL) – a library for key generation and key validation that allows you to store information like creation date, expiration date, features, and an ID.
  • Software Protector – this is a graphical user interface for SKGL, which simplifies the usage of the library
  • Serial Key Manager – an ASP.NET application that allows you to store your generated keys with an account.
Project KSDN The primary aim of this project is to encourage students (high school) to explore computer science and mathematics and promote an interest for these subjects. To make the biggest impact, our goal is to focus on a local level, that is at Katedralskolan, Uppsala, but our mission is open to any student!

You can find more projects that I have created at!