This is a hobby-company founded by me in 2009. A lot of my applications, courses, etc. use this brand. Many of the released applications have some connection to cryptography ( and some to data storage). In the recent years my main aim was to construct a licensing system, and as a result, there are currently three applications available.
* Key Builder ( – the first system
* Serial key Builder ( – library is stable, GUI is in Beta; the second system
* Software Protector/SKGL ( – the third system

The current aim: Serial Key Manager (

In addition to the applications, there is also a technical blog where information about the products can be found, and also, tips and tricks mainly about encryption. ( Some of the recent tips can be found at

Finally, courses are provided as well ( for a link to each page, please navigate to
* Discovering programming languages
* C# Fundamentals Course
* Algorithms via C#
* Software Protector GUI
* SKGL Tutorial
* C# Fundamentals Course (video)
* Software Protector Tutorial (video)