The purpose of this page is to give a more formal description of my qualifications.

  • CV– The updated CV (pdf). Last update 2016.02.07.

What I have done (timeline)

When I stated with computer programming, I focused on making things that I did not have. In the beginning, I created several programs for simple cryptography, attempted to make my own “PDF Reader format” and my own browsing formats. Later on, I continued to investigate the ways applications can be protected, which contributed to the article that I later wrote on Code Project (see here). Below, a short timeline:

  • 2008: Created a game called Baloon Burst with my good friend Andreas Vennström. It was later distributed among our classmates.
  • 2009/10: Spent a large part of my summer on working with Visual Basic.NET. Some software that were developed can be found here.
  • 2011: Published the source code for SKGL and later Software Protector. Wrote several guides about computer programming in Java Script and C#. More info here.
  • 2012: Published the first version of a .NET library for numerical methods together with an expression parser that I developed after going through a course in C#. These were later combined into Mathos Project.
  • 2013: Founded the computer programming society at Katedralskolan, Uppsala, KSDN. Developed two courses in C#, Pre – C# Fundamentals and Algorithms via C#.
  • 2014: Published an article about licensing systems (Three different algorithms for constructing licensing systems, their advantages and disadvantages using C#.NET environment.) originally in LaTeX. Later, it was converted into HTML. Published Serial Key Manager ( in 2013-2014.
  • 2014: Turned the computer programming society into a proper project (see description here). In 2015, a similar initiative was supported by CSC at KTH and Stockholm Municipality.
  • 2014: Published one chapter about modular arithmetic that was written during the summer (see here).
  • 2015: Won the KTH Innovation Challenge – Digital.

I love mathematics together with computer science. During the IB, I wrote two works:

  • Math ExplorationFinding the nth digit in a sequence of positive integers placed in a row in ascending order. 
  • Math Extended EssayFinding algorithms to identify integers in a binary matrix given row and column sums.
  • Licensing Systems in .NET (independent work): Three different algorithms for constructing licensing systems, their advantages and disadvantages using C#.NET environment.

During University:

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